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Life On Two Wheels


The Cabildo of Lanzarote have launched a road safety campaign “Life on two wheels” to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists.

Lanzarote attracts thousands of cyclists for training especially over the winter months and we have some big sporting triathlon events throughout the year.

Recommendations for drivers:

- When passing a cyclist or group of cyclists is essential to leave at least a space of 1.5 meters, which is the legal minimum distance. If there is insufficient space, wait to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

- When you are overtaking a cyclist or group of cyclists, go slowly. Passing a rider at high speed can cause the rider to become unbalanced due to the air turbulence generated by the vehicle passing.

- On less busy roads use the horn to warn the cyclist  you are in the vicinity, but do not do it when you are too close as it could panic the cyclist and cause them to fall or put them at risk.

- Be attentive to the manoeuvres of cyclists,  as it is vehicles that can perform manoeuvres with speed and agility. Precaution especially in an urban environment.

- Remember that a group of two or more riders can ride in parallel according to the Road Safety Act, so do not use your horn. Be patient and overtake the group when there is no risk.

- Indicate all manoeuvres with sufficient time to warn approaching cyclists and do not make sudden stops or turns.

- The law dictates that cyclists have priority over cars, so if you want to turn left or right, entering a junction or a roundabout or traffic circle, you have to wait for the cyclist to pass. In the case of a group of cyclists, when the first person of the group enters an intersection or a roundabout, you must wait to let them all pass.

- Remember that on roads with one lane in each direction, it is prohibited to overtake another vehicle if a cyclist is coming from the opposite direction.

- When parked, look in the rear view mirror before opening the car door, especially in streets and narrow roads, to see if a cyclist is approaching.

- Respect the 1.5 meters between your vehicle and cyclists. Remember that bicycles and their users are vulnerable on the road.

Recommendations for cyclists:

- It is mandatory to wear a helmet when cycling on urban roads, but it is also highly recommended to use in urban areas. Use of an approved helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries in a crash. Read more »

Disco Night Urban Race: 9 May 2015


The 3rd edition of the Disco Night Urban Race takes place in Arrecife on Saturday 9th May. There are two distances available of 5 KM and 10 KM with a new course of one or two loops from the Parque Islas Canarias along the seafront and around the Charco de San Gines for 2015.

Registration is online through the organisers website www.disconighturbanrace.com, the 5 KM distance is €2 for youths & €10 for adults and 10 KM distance is €3 & €15. Read more »

Volcano Triathlon: 2 May 2015

Logo Volcano

The Volcano Triathlon is a classic and one of the favourites on the race calendar in Lanzarote. This year’s event will be held on Saturday 2nd May at 10:00.

The 1.5 KM swim is in the lagoon at La Santa (wetsuits allowed), the 40 KM bike course (non drafting) departs Club La Santa through Famara to the roundabout for Teguise and back. The 10 KM run is two loops from Club La Santa to the village of La Santa. Participants have 4 hours 30 minutes to finish, this event attracts a range of athletes from the pro’s right through to the newbies. Read more »

III Circular Valle de Haría: 26 Apr 2015

III Circular Valle de Haria

The Copa de Carreras por Montaña Lanzarote 2015 starts with the 3rd edition of the Circular Valle de Haría on the 26th April.

This trail run has two distances available, the Copa is 20 KM and part of the trail run cup, the Open is a shorter distance of 15 KM. Places are limited to 250, there are already 110 runners registered. Read more »

FITRUN 2015: 4 Apr 2015


Fit Run is a new race series for Lanzarote with three events taking place in April, July and November. Read more »

Results Cronoescalada Valle Palomo

Download the results for the Cronoescalada Valle Palomo on the 7th March organised by HTT and part of the Copa de MTB de Lanzarote.

VI Copa de Natación en Aguas Abiertas 2015

Cartel VI Copa Natacion 2015

Nine swim races make up the VI Copa de Natación en Aguas Abiertas in Lanzarote for 2015. The open water swimming season starts on the 30th May in Costa Teguise and finishes on the 20th September in Playa Honda. The annual swim across El Río from Lanzarote to La Graciosa has not been included in this year’s programme.

VI Copa de Natación en Aguas Abiertas de Lanzarote

30 May VIII Travesía Playa del Jablillo - CN Nadamás

20 June XI Travesía San Juan - Real Club Náutico de Arrecife

12 July VII Travesía Playa Blanca - Club Triatlón Vulcano

2 August Travesía Punta Mujeres - MC2 Action

9 August Puerto del Carmen - Centro Deportivo Fariones

22 August XXI Travesía San Ginés - Real Club Náutico de Arrecife

29 August V Travesía MC2Action-Pto.Calero - MC2Action y Puerto Calero

13 September VII Travesía a nado El Reducto - C.N. Nonadamos

20 September Playa Restaurante Emmax - Restaurante Emmax

We will publish details of each race as the registration opens, these open water swims are open to residents and visitors.

Copa de Carreras por Montaña Lanzarote 2015

Cartel I Copa Carrera Montana

The first edition of the Copa de Carreras por Montaña will be held in Lanzarote from April to November in 2015. There are five trail running events as part of the competition which will be held in different locations of the island and 20 km in distance.

I Copa de Carreras por Montaña Lanzarote

26 April Circular Valle de Haría - HTT

16 May Montaña Blanca vertical - Senderismo Lanzarote

5 July Transajaches - Femés Activo

18 July Tinajo X-Race - MC2 Action

28 November Circular nocturna - HTT

We’ll publish details of each event as they open for registration, visitors and residents are welcome to compete in one or all of them. Read more »

Copa MTB Lanzarote 2015

Copia de Cartel MTB

The Copa de MTB Lanzarote is a new island cup for this year including 6 mountain bike races across the island from March to September.

I Copa MTB Lanzarote

7 March Cronoescalada Nocturna Valle Palomo – HTT - Rally

22 March XV MTB Rally Costa Teguise - CC Lanzabike - Rally

12 April I MTB-XC Tías - CD El Aljibe - Rally

5 July VII Cronoescalada Al Golpito - CD El Aljibe - Rally

30 August II Maratón MTB Norte – HTT - Maratón de Lanzarote

6 September IVX-MTB-XC Los Dolores - CC Lanzabike – Rally

cartel22marzoRally-Costa-TeguiseCopaMTB15MTB Crono escalada nocturnaCartel12abrilMTB-XC-TiasCopaMTB15


We’ll publish the registration details of each event as they open, these races are open to visitors as well as residents.

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