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A Flat Cycle Training Route in Lanzarote

One of the reasons bike training is so good here in Lanzarote is because of our hills. But sometimes you just want a relatively flat route, where you can grind out a lot of miles, without constantly changing gear.

We’ve selected the perfect route for just such a ride!


As you can see, you can start in either Orzóla in the far north of the island, or Tahiche, roughly in the centre of Lanzarote. You then simply follow the main LZ1 road from one to the other. The total distance is almost exactly 30KM, so with a return to your starting point, it’s a decent 60KM ride, and doing both legs three times, you’ll cover a full Ironman distance.

The tarmac is very smooth, apart from two small sections of less than 1KM total, and for much of it there’s a wide shoulder on the road for cyclists. At the Orzóla end there is a supermarket and at Tahiche there is a German bakery, and both are ideal to stock up on drinks and take on some food. There’s plenty of free parking at either end for your car. Read more »

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Travesía Centro Deportivo Fariones-10 August 2014

Travesia Fariones

The Travesía a nado Centro Deportivo Fariones open water swim race on Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen will be held on Sunday 10th August in Lanzarote,

Registration has opened online through Tracking Sport with the usual €10 entry fee for adults and €5 for the small children’s races.

The distance is 1200m for Máster / Junior / Infantil, 800m Alevines, 400 Benjamin and 50m for the minis (free entry).

Travesia Playa Grande 2014 Read more »

Results Acuatlón Nocturno 2014

RCNA Acuatlon 2014 RCNA Acuatlon 2014

78 athletes participated in the 12th edition of the RCNA Acuatlón Nocturno as the sun was setting on the evening of Saturday 19th July.

Miguel Ángel Duque Toribio from C.N. Nadamas won the event in just under 25 minutes recording a time of 24:54 and cadet Georgia Abbott from Triactiv Lanzarote & C. N. Nonadamos Lanzarote was the first female to finish in 30:33.

Acuatlon Nocturno women Read more »

XX Travesía de San Ginés-15 August 2014

Copa AA Poster

Inscription has opened for the XX Travesía de San Ginés in Arrecife on Friday 15th August. This open water swim race is part of the V Copa AA Lanzarote, the distance is 1200m starting from La Rocar by the Charco de San Ginés, under the Puente de las Bolas bridge to the Parque Islas Canarias & Club Náutico.

Registration is available online through Tracking Sport. Read more »

II Carrera Solidaria Tahiche-27 July 2014

II Carrera Solidaria Tahiche

The second edition of the charity race Carrera Solidaria Tahiche will be held in Lanzarote on Sunday 27th July.

Registration is open from the 7-26th July at the Gymnasio in Tahiche (18:00–20:00) and Deportes Tahiche (17:00-20:00).

The race is part of the local Fiestas Santiago Apóstol y Santa Ana, Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid To Enter Races In Lanzarote!

One of the very best things about the island of Lanzarote is that there are races almost every weekend. Open water swims, triathlons, extreme events, trail runs, aquathons. We’re a genuinely amazing European sports destination, and whether you live here, visit all the time, or you’re a one off tourist, you can enter any of them.


There are two things that put many people off:

“I’m too slow / unfit / overweight”

As long as you’re healthy enough to do the race, then don’t worry about that. In every event you’ll find a fantastic mixture of serous, sometimes professional, athletes, a middle order of decent athletes, and at the back, the slow or unfit athletes. Nobody minds! And you’ll get the biggest cheer of the day!

The website to enter is all in Spanish Read more »

II Mozaga Extreme Race-9 August 2014

2 Mozaga Extreme Race

The second edition of the Mozaga Extreme Race will take place in Lanzarote on Saturday 9th August 2014.

The course is only 5.5km in distance but with 10 obstacles along the route, so that participants have to crawl along trenches, through a spider web, plunge into an icy container amongst other challenges to reach the finish line

Everyone is welcome at the race, children under the age of 16 can participate with parental permission. There will be trophies for the top three finishers in the male and female categories.

Registration is on the day of the race and costs €5. Read more »

Results Travesía Bahía Playa Blanca 2014

Results from the Travesía Bahía Playa Blanca which took place on Sunday 13th July and was the third event in the IV Copa de Aguas Abiertas de Lanzarote 2014. Unfortunately the medusas (jellyfish) were there too and more than a few of the 275 swimmers participating were stung.

Men’s Podium




Ladies Podium




Full results and classifications can be downloaded below including the children’s 400m & 800m races. Read more »

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