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I Criterium Playa Honda: 4 Oct 2015

Criterium Poster

The first Criterium 30km race will be held on the Playa Honda Industrial Estate on the 4th October at 11:00. Read more »

K10Xtreme Yaiza: 5 Sep 2015

The third edition of the K10Xtreme Yaiza has just got harder, this time it's at night!

There is a 5km and 10km distance trail run available with obstacles to complete during the course. Competitors can enter as individuals or in a team of 3-5 participants.

Due to the difficulties of racing in the dark, the number of participants has been limited to 100 entrants. Read more »

Travesía Playa Restaurante Emmax: 20 Sep 2015

The Travesía Playa Restaurante Emmax takes place in Playa Honda on Sunday 20th September 2015 at 10:30.

This is a 1200m open water swim race from the beach by the restaurant. Registration is open and available online through LanzaroteDeportes. Entry is priced at €5 for children, €10 for swimmers registered in the Copa AA and €15 for individual swimmers.

Travesía El Reducto: 13 Sep 2015

The Travesía El Reducto takes place on Sunday 13th September at Playa el Reducto in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

This is a 1600m open water swim from the beach in the capital to the nautical sports centre at El Cable. Start time is 15:30. Read more »

Cochinilla Trail: 26 Sep 2015

Cochinilla Trail

The 4th edition of the Cochinilla Trail is on Saturday 26th September at 17:00. There is a 10km trail run, 7.5km walk and 400-1200m races for children.

Registration is available online through cochinillatrail, this is a non profit, sporting charity race. A donation of non perishable food items is requested to participate including dried pasta, tins, cartons of milk, cereals, cooking oils, cleaning & hygiene products. Read more »

XXI Travesía San Ginés: 22 Aug 2015


The XXI Travesía a Nado de San Ginés takes place in Lanzarote on Saturday 22nd August.

Registration for this open water swim race in Arrecife is open and available online through lanzarotedeportes until the 18th August or when the maximum number of places have been registered. Entry fees are €10 for 1200m and €5 for children.

There are four distances available including Infantiles/Juniors/Masters 1200m, Alevines 800m, Benjamines 400m & Prebenjamines 50m. Read more »

Results Travesía Punta Mujeres 2015

Download the results from the Travesía Punta Mujeres which took place in Lanzarote on Sunday 2nd August 2015.


ClasfGEN400TnPuntaMujeres02082015.pdf Read more »

Results Carrera Popular Barranco del Quíquere 2015

Almeida Benitez and Lucy Biddlestone won the 10km distance with a time of 36:39 and 43:47 respectively. The 5km distance was won by Carlos Jorge Sene in 25:24 and Idaira María Alfonso in 32:23.

Download the results from the Carrera Popular Barranco del Quíquere 2015 below.

Results Carrera Solidaria de Tahiche 2015

Download the results from the III Carrera Solidaria de Tahiche which took place in Lanzarote on the 26th July 2015.

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